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Electrician Opening Fire Panel In Server Room R7f3l6g
Electrician Opening Fire Panel In Server Room R7f3l6gFire Alarm Installation

The recent London Tower disaster has ensured that the topic of fire prevention and emergencies is in the limelight. As a commercial and industrial electrician, I know the importance of having a well-designed electrical system supporting an airtight up-to-date and effective fire alarm system.

A typical fire alarm system comprises of several devices connected together and working for the purpose of detecting as well as warning residents/occupiers of a building when smoke, carbon(ii)oxide and other fire emergencies are present – through audio and visual appliances.

Classification of Fire Alarm Systems

A commercial or industrial electrician should be assessing the needs of the building and advice or suggest the best/most suitable fire alarm system to install. Here are some of the most common types of systems used prominently in modern buildings.

Automatic Fire System

These are often used in office areas and most commercial buildings – they are suitable for buildings used by a lot of people.  Automatic fire alarm systems are activated by fire and heat detectors.

Conventional Fire Alarms

These are sophisticated types of fire alarm systems that are designed to function as a unit. It is impossible to detect the source of activation of the alarm system without inspection.

Manual Fire Alarm

These types of fire alarm systems are activated through manual call points and pull stations – in most modern buildings, they are installed together in a building with an automatic system.

One-Stage Fire Alarm System

For this type of system, everyone in the building is alerted of the fire emergency. It is the direct opposite of the two-way fire alarm system.

Two-Way Fire Alarm System

A two-way fire system is designed to alert only an authorized select number of people in a building. A system like this is designed to reduce the panic that is usually associated with fire emergencies; allowing the authorized people to follow a laid-down set of protocols to ensure the safety of life and property. This type of system is used in public areas such as museums, hospitals, libraries, etc.

What to Consider Before Selecting Type of Installation

Before deciding on the type of fire alarm system install, it is important to decide on some factors.

  1. Ascertain the number of detectors that the building will require. This is subject to how large the building is.
  2. Choose a fire alarm system that is compatible with the security and management system employed in the building.
  3. Choose a system that comes with additional features such as backup battery and voice alarm.
  4. Know the fire codes and regulation of your district/state and also work in conjunction with the fire department of the area.


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