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Emergency Backup Generators & Emergency Systems

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Backup generators are programmed generators that serve as a standby power source in the event of a normal power outage. These generators are made available in banks, hospitals, and very tall buildings to power functions like elevators, emergency lighting, life support systems. They are also available in residential buildings and are used to power refrigerators, stoves, and water heaters. They are activated within seconds of utility outage by an automatic transfer switch, which senses power loss, and as soon as the normal power supply is restored, the electrical load is transferred back to the utility by the automatic transfer switch and signals the generator to shut off. These generators have most of the units operating on diesel, natural gas, or liquid propane gas. Emergency systems can also include batteries and other apparatus like a solar source of electricity.

Who Needs a Backup Power Supply or System?Broken Neon Lamp Pnxwl67

The main purpose of these systems is to be an independent source of power in situations where the normal power supply might fail. It is a continual power system that is installed to protect life and property from consequences of loss of power supply. They find their use in a variety of fields, they are used in hospitals, data centers, scientific laboratories, and telecommunication, homes, and even applications is street lighting.  They are also beneficial for keeping production on track in manufacturing and other industrial businesses.

A History of Emergency Power Systems

Emergency power systems were used as early as World War II on naval ships. In combat, a ship may lose the function of its boilers, which power the steam turbines for the ship’s generator. In such a case, one or more diesel engines are used to drive backup generators. Early transfer switches relied on manual operation; two switches would be placed horizontally, in line, and the “on” position facing each other. A rod is placed in between. In order to operate the switch, one source must be turned off, the rod moved to the other side, and the other source turned on.

Eco-friendly Solutions

The use of solar cells as emergency backup cells in situations of a power outage is reducing the use of generators that run on fuel. As long as the sun shines, the use of solar cells will continue to improve, and this technology is relatively cheap and available. The choice of which emergency system to supply backup power for your business depends on the function to which these systems are going to be powering and the budget of individuals and industries at large.

In the industrial world today, we have various engineering companies that have lots of machinery that work with electricity and undergo continuous processes. In a situation where there is a normal power outage, emergency systems will kick in within seconds reducing downtime and ensuring the ability to continue working safely.

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