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Secure Overnight Car Parking Pkq4hk4

The only time anyone really thinks about parking lot lighting is when there isn’t enough light.  The role these lights play in keeping your employees and customers safe is crucial, but it can have an impact on the productivity or sales at your business.

Why Parking Lot Lights

All business parking lots should be well-lit for a number of reasons, but an electrician can help you design a parking lot lighting system and perform routine maintenance to ensure your parking lot is illuminated through the years.

Parking lot lighting provides convenience, has aesthetic appeal, provides safety and security benefits. On winter days with fewer hours of daylight these parking lot lights allow customers to feel welcome at your business.

Design & Maintenance

A parking lot should be designed with appropriate light poles that are of the correct balance and height for your specific area of need.  The use of LED lighting systems can save you money on electricity too.

While a properly designed lighting system is the first consideration when adding lighting in your business’s parking lot, the maintenance of those lights can help you get the most out of your investment long term and prevent any sudden failures.

Taking an active approach to a maintenance program has various benefits:

  • Safety – accidents will be eradicated or at least minimized in the parking lot if it is well-lit. Lighting helps prevent common hazards such as slipping or tripping, lessening the odds that someone step on a sharp object like broken glass, nails, stones and so on.
  • Security – A well-lit parking lot creates a feeling of security. Without darkness to protect them vandals and thieves are less likely to frequent your parking lot, reducing the chance of theft, damage or harassment on your property.
  • It also influences the attitude of motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians who visit or pass by your parking lot. It brings more customers in and creates a good impression for your facility.

Maintenance techniques:

  1. Regular inspections – light bulbs and poles can be damaged naturally from weather conditions and time. Regular inspections will catch any damage that may lead to faulty lighting.
  2. LED bulbs are more cost-efficient, tending to take less energy and lasting longer overall.
  3. Adjusting automatic schedules – as the time of year changes daylight hours change. Your inspections can be set to times of the year where the schedule can be adjusted to ensure lights are in line with sunrise, sunset, and our business operating hours.

Ready to modernize your parking lot lighting and improve your bottom line?  Looking to shed light on a new location or parking lot that is currently lacking illumination?  We can help with that, contact us today!