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Preventative Maintenance for your Electrical System

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Nothing lasts forever. As things age, they begin to wear out and break down. This includes your electrical system. Most people don’t think about their electrical system until something goes wrong. By setting up a preventive maintenance schedule with your electrician, you can save yourself a lot of trouble later. After all, if the electrical system in your business breaks down, it could cost you valuable time and money if you have to shut the doors to your business while it’s fixed.

How can an electrician prevent problems in my electrical system?

As your system gets older, it is at a greater risk of an electrical distribution failure. This can be caused by moisture due to a plumbing leak, condensation, or exposure to the elements. Loose connections are another cause of this common problem. Before you know it, your refrigeration unit shuts down along with your lights and the power to everything else! That’s when you call out your electrician. But there is a better way.

A preventive maintenance checkup

Everything from your car to your personal health needs preventive maintenance. The electrical system in your home and in your business is no different. This allows you to catch problems before they have a chance to become more disruptive and expensive.

During your preventive electrical maintenance appointment, a qualified electrician will complete an in-depth inspection of the electrical components in your facility. They’ll evaluate the condition of each piece of equipment. Based on the most critical areas for your home or business, they will develop recommendations for the potential issues which are the highest priority.

When planning a preventive maintenance program, consider:

Your Electrician
Make sure that your electrician is qualified. Are they knowledgeable about safety procedures with your electrical system? Do they understand your specific equipment? Even if they are trained in commercial or industrial electrical systems, if they haven’t been working with them because they specialize in residential electrical systems, you would do well to find someone who is accustomed to working in a commercial or industrial setting.

Keep a complete record of all work that is done, as well as recommendations the electrician makes for future work. This will help prevent problems from slipping through the cracks. You have a lot on your mind, so it’s easy to forget things, even important things like your electrical maintenance. These records are also important for insurance, tax, and budget purposes.

Schedule Future Preventive Maintenance
Your system should be inspected and serviced at least once every three years (more often for critical components). Your electrician will be able to make recommendations about how frequently you should have them come out.

When you have the oil in your vehicle changed, the mechanic usually puts a sticker in the corner of your windshield to remind you your oil changed in 3000 miles. It’s even easier to take for granted that your electrical system will keep working. Set your own reminder by scheduling your next appointment as your electrician is finishing up his work. Then, put it on the calendar.

When is the last time you had a preventive maintenance appointment for your electrical system? The experts at Landmark Electric can help you prevent problems before they start and impact your business. Contact us today!