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Do you have an energy-efficient brewery? It’s more important than ever that you do. The pandemic hit craft breweries hard. With months of closures and limits on how many patrons they could serve at a time, craft breweries had to become creative to survive in such a harsh, ever-changing economic climate.

Thankfully, businesses have opened back up. But there is an ever-cautious eye on the number of people diagnosed with Covid, particularly the new variants. So nothing can be taken for granted.

The Environment is Also Hurting

Along with the hit brewers’ bottom lines have taken, the environment has also taken a back seat. We are now using more water, chemicals, and disposable items than ever before to avoid transmitting the virus. Unfortunately, this also affects brewers’ costs. However, there are some ways to improve energy efficiency in your brewery.

Get an Energy Audit

An energy auditor can find the places where energy is being lost or wasted in your brewery. One of the techniques they will use is called a blower door test. Your building will be closed up, and a calibrated fan will be installed in an otherwise sealed window or door. Once it is turned on, it will create negative pressure and suck all the air out of the home. This will lead to air finding its way back into the building through gaps and openings that you don’t necessarily want to be there. These are the places where you lose energy. Not only will the energy auditor be able to tell you how much energy you are losing this way, but they will also be able to make recommendations for how to remedy this.

Other Air Leaks

It isn’t just the air leaking from your building that is a waste of energy and money. Your compressed air system should also be checked regularly for leaks. And if you find any, repair them immediately. Another way you can save money on this crucial part of your production is to turn off the compressor if you aren’t using it and don’t use more air pressure than you need. These small changes can make a big difference in the energy consumed.

And More Leaks!

Refrigeration accounts for 35% of a brewery’s energy spending. After all, you want a cold frosty one, not a lukewarm one, right? But doors left ajar, and cracks in pipes are wasted energy that can easily be prevented. You can also upgrade to more energy-efficient units one at a time as you can.

Hire the Right Electrician

Residential electricians do incredible work in your home. But they aren’t trained to do the same things as industrial electricians. So you should never hire a residential electrician to do electrical work in your brewery. Landmark Electric is experienced in the electrical needs of breweries and can help you assess your energy usage to save your business money. Contact us today for all your electrical needs!