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Men With Clipboard At Brewery Or Beer Plant Pqfywt7
Last month, we gave you some tips to help your craft brewery save energy costs. This month we are back with more money-saving ideas you can implement to reduce your energy bill. Improve Your HVAC System Heating and cooling your facility are a considerable part of your energy cost, so it’s essential to make sure...
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Brewery Production Background 2021 04 06 19 35 03 Utc
Do you have an energy-efficient brewery? It’s more important than ever that you do. The pandemic hit craft breweries hard. With months of closures and limits on how many patrons they could serve at a time, craft breweries had to become creative to survive in such a harsh, ever-changing economic climate. Thankfully, businesses have opened...
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Running Modern Extension Power Strip With Many Dif 9tzkjwq
We all have them—Power strips. The irony of our increasingly wireless society is that our homes and businesses no longer have enough outlets for all the things that we need to the plugin. As a result, we rely on power strips to access electricity and act as a safety valve should there be a power...
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Waste Au33ag3
E-Waste or electronic waste is a huge environmental concern. Electronic waste is composed of hazardous chemicals such as lead, beryllium, cadmium, and mercury. As commercial/industrial electricians, we are conscious of minimizing the impact of electrical waste on the environment. But each of us can make an even greater impact by responsibly dealing with the waste...
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Lightning Storm Over Prague Czech Republic 9ydubm5 (1)
With storm season well underway, it is good to think about safety around power lines and electrical wires. It’s not uncommon for them to be knocked down by fallen trees and other debris. We should dispel several myths to make sure you have all the facts to keep you safe. Myth #1 Power Lines are...
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Male Electrician Repairing Circuit Line 3lu682u
Getting ready to go on vacation can be a lot of work. The day you leave, it might occur to you that you could save some money by unplugging all the appliances. It may even be safer! After all, there will be less chance of an electrical fire. Right? But the thought of unplugging every...
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Electrician Installing Outlet 7t5uafm
Most people know that watts, amps, volts, and ohms are electrical terms, but they often aren’t sure of what they mean. Today we will look at these terms as well as basic electrical safety. The three most basic units in electricity are voltage, current, and resistance.         Voltage is measured in volts....
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Manufacturer Examining Beer In Brewery Rvhz4mj
Electrical safety is always a big deal. But when you own a brewery, many special conditions don’t exist in other businesses. That’s why an industrial electrician experienced in breweries is the only person you should have working on your electrical system. Electrical Safety is a Primary Concern in Breweries for Three Big Reasons    ...
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Portrait Of Young Engineer At The Transformer Stat Pnq4nwu
A transformer has no moving parts, so why does it make a humming sound? There are actually multiple causes of transformer noise. The main one is the Magnetostriction Effect. This is when the current that flows through the transformer’s coils creates a magnetic field. The magnetic field then changes the dimensions of the transformer’s iron...
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Woman Use Of Mobile Phone At Night Pnn5mbh
 This year, Americans have learned many things about working from home. We’ve set up our home offices, we can zoom like a boss, and many of us have even been juggling the job with kids. But what do we do if the power goes out? Weather-related power outages have doubled since 2003. Yet often electricity...
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