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Led Bulb Xcstp3v

Led Bulb Xcstp3vThe importance of lighting in a commercial or industrial building cannot be overstated – it has the ability to transform a building to a fully functional one. It helps bring out the best in the design of an office, retail premises, warehouses, factories and many more.

There are some similarities in the design of LED Lighting of a commercial premise with the one of a domestic. So if you are a homeowner looking to help make your house feel like a true home, you can also apply some of the things here too.

Some people have of the misconception that LED lighting design and installation is all about removing an old bulb and changing with a new one – it goes without saying that there is more to it than that.

To get the best LED design for your commercial premises, here are some factors to consider.

  1. Access the working plane

The working plane is your working premises, it has several specific areas that would require extra lighting, there are some areas that are frequented by a huge number of people in the premises too. Areas such as these can only be determined when the working plan is properly accessed.

  1. Type of business you are into

The type of business you are involved in will also determine the type of LED Lighting design to be installed in your premises. You need ask yourself questions like what are the working hours like in your business, how many shifts do you employees take, are there areas where computers are used, what are type of illumination etc.

The answers to these types of questions will help give a clearer picture of the kind of LED lighting design to have.

  1. Facilities in the building and design of the structure

The facilities available in the building needs to be accessed before deciding on what LED design to install. Facilities such as type of ceiling, type of floor, etc. would need to be put into consideration.

The overall design of the structure, such as beams, columns, decking, stone walls, as well as other spaces in the building should be considered too.

  1. Profitability

As a commercial or industrial entity, the number one aim of your business is profit/gains. LED lighting is a form of investment that should bring out profits after some time. Choose a design that saves the most on energy cost and can help contribute directly to the accruement of profits.

At Landmark Electric, Inc.  we have expertise in LED lighting upgrades and design, we can help you through the process so that you can start saving money and improve your employees work areas.  Contact us today!